Mongoose VT900 GPS vehicle tracker with 3G Quadband provides GPS tracking via app or website, using a pre-paid SIM with no monthly fees. 

Where is it now  ?
Open the APP and click "Real time". The map shows where your vehicle is located. 
Where was it?
History shows the route driven. Select 'play' and the screen shows the route taken.
Select any day - last 6 months history always maintained.
Got more than one vehicle ?
Set your own username and password for access to the APP and website. 
See all your vehicles at the same time (on APP or website).
Select individual vehicles to see more details.
Any other costs ?
The only costs not included are the SIM card charges.

Supplied & fitted for $480 with no on-going monthly fees

Mongoose can provide demo login details if you’d like to see their app in action- call 0800 80 5080.

AVS GPS Tracking is an affordable, versatile and easy to use full real time tracking system that can be used to effectively monitor and secure virtually any asset. Whether that is your own personal use car, jet ski or quad. Or one van to a fleet including machines and commercial vehicles.

We will supply and install the tracking unit ($599) and you pay a monthly service fee directly to AVS of $25 per month.